Friday, April 09, 2010

A casualty of the 'War on Sex' or of the "War on Capitalism'?

A casualty of the 'War on Sex' or of the "War on Capitalism'?

Another person who apparently initiated force against no one and likewise defrauded no one is being ordered to hand himself over to kidnappers to live as their slave for the next several years. Dr. Ross Levatter's crime? Investing his money in a "prostitution ring" that operated in Albuquerque.

Those who sell their bodies and minds to the State, in order to help direct the force of the state at any who get in their way, penalize those who rent their bodies to other individuals on a consensual basis, and also penalize those who dare to work with them. Maybe out of jealousy because the "State-property" understands just who is the better person.

As George Carlin once said, and I must paraphrase here, if "selling" is legal and sex is legal, why isn't selling sex legal? The answer is that there is no good reason.

This isn't to say that if coercion is used to recruit prostitutes, that is OK. It is not. Leave the hypocrisy to the statists. Don't pretend to know everything about a person's reasons for choosing their job. Maybe they enjoy making people happy, and earning money by doing so. Maybe they don't believe in the same "moral guidelines" as you. As long as they are behaving ethically (no force; no fraud) it is none of your business. If they do use force and fraud (as do those who work for the state), then they have made it the business of everyone who knows right from wrong.