Monday, April 26, 2010

Government- who benefits?

Government- who benefits?

Leaving aside for the moment the question of whether allowing government to exist is ethical, let's consider a different issue. Is government beneficial to anyone? I think it is.

Those on the fringes can benefit. This doesn't mean that everyone on the fringes takes advantage of "legalized coercion" for their benefit. Some of these people have a better ethical foundation than do others and understand right from wrong.

People at the peak of the social pyramid ( a "fringe group") benefit from the popularity, position, power, and wealth they can gain by using government. They also benefit from special favors, a form of welfare, they both establish and collect.

The "complete losers" at the very bottom are kept alive and rewarded by "the system" in the hopes they will thank those at the top with votes, or at least by shouting down the vast "middle" that supports the welfare state, often against their will, with the fruits of their labor.

Unfortunately, too many in the middle don't understand the position they have been put in and defend the very "system" that has been built upon their backs. The religious fervor of their defense doesn't mean they benefit, only that they don't see the truth.

Government may be OK for those on the fringes of society but it hurts everyone else. Let those fringes choose to play the government game if they want, but leave the rest of us alone.

The Albuquerque office of the State Motor Vehicle Division in the Cottonwood Mall will be closed, and other MVD offices will have their hours reduced because of budget cuts. Here's an idea to save even more money: close them all permanently.

Nothing done in those offices is authorized by the Constitution, and all their activities are therefore illegal, and nothing done in those offices does anything other than damage "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness".

Close the MVD offices, let honest businesses take over the buildings, and stop violating the basic human and civil right of everyone to travel freely, as long as they do not trespass, in whatever way they see fit and in whatever sort of conveyance they possess. Anything less is tyranny.