Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Parking lots teach a lesson

Parking lots teach a lesson

I was driving across a parking lot recently and I realized that just about everyone, including me, considers the signs and striping in a parking lot to be a suggestion, rather than an order. Yet, while accidents do happen, they are fairly rare. Nothing at all like the "chaos" that is predicted by people who think there needs to be a cop on every corner.

Spontaneous order takes over because most people don't want to be hit by another car, and don't want to do the hitting either. If a rude person is blasting across the lot, other, responsible, drivers stop for him no matter who thinks they have the right-of-way. It is self-preservation and makes perfect sense to do so.

Knowing that a car could come from almost any direction at any moment, you pay closer attention to your surroundings, and you watch out for those who are not watching out for you. If two "oblividiots" encounter one another, an accident can occur. Just as can and will happen out on the roads, where fine-hungry LEOs prowl, and every move not forbidden is mandatory.

Las Cruces' government seems to think it has fallen behind the times. There are now digital, electronic signage (who knew?) and no laws have been enacted to limit the technological advance yet. So, they are seeing what the governments of Albuquerque, El Paso TX, Mesa AZ, and a couple other cities have done to try to keep the scary future at bay.