Sunday, May 02, 2010

New Mexico number two in census non-compliance

New Mexico number two in census non-compliance

Yay! We're number two!

Even including urban areas like Albuquerque, which are prone to obeying "authority" no matter how bogus, New Mexico comes in second in the number of census resisters and ignorers. Just behind that last frontier and land of individualism: Alaska. Good start. Now, when the minion of the state comes to your door in the person of a living, breathing busybody, don't cave in. It is still none of their business.

While the Constitution authorizes the government to count heads, and not one thing more, nowhere does it require you or me to cooperate with the enumeration, nor does it authorize legal consequences for refusal to cooperate. That doesn't mean there would be no "legal" consequences, just that by pursuing them the government would demonstrate, once again, its status as an illegitimate occupying force of invaders rather than a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people". The myth is exposed.

Want a good examination of the issue of anarchism, and an illustration of the opposing views? Head over to Sipsey Street, read Mike V's post, and especially check out the comments, pro and con. This is why I am an anarchist. I especially enjoyed this essay which I found by following a link in the comments. Statists have had thousands of years to get "government" right. It's delusional. It's utopian. It won't happen; it can't happen. Time's up.