Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ABQ Public Schools and budget problems

ABQ Public Schools and budget problems

Albuquerque Public (sic) Schools and the Albuquerque Teachers (sic) Federation are trying to bargain between themselves in this time of economic hardship. Not enough loot to go around once all the bureaucrats skim their share, I suppose. Yet, the solution is staring them in the face: close the "public" schools and let the teachers find jobs that do not rely upon stolen money. If they know how to actually teach, their skills would be in high demand in a free society.

Government schooling is not about education, but about indoctrinating young people into believing in the status quo. It trains young minds to accept the official lie that coercion and theft are OK as long as the perpetrators wear the silly hat of government. It brainwashes young people with nationalistic nonsense, nonsense that may have been sort of true at one time, but as soon as government became the greatest threat to individual liberty, any truth to that notion that may have once existed was crushed by the new reality. And that moment came as soon as the Constitution was written.

Government schooling is also about abdicating the parental responsibility to raise and educate the children you produce. It is designed for babysitting and keeping young people out from under foot, rather than immersing them in the world of real life and responsible people.

It trains the kids to live by the whims of the bells, and by the rules of people who only want them to sit down and shut up. I realize real teachers are not like this, but too few real teachers are employed in government schools to offset the tragic damage done by the others.
Government schools, and any private schools based on the same template, are bad for kids and bad for the future of civilization.

Education is much too important to leave to government. Separate school and State.