Monday, May 17, 2010

Mayor Berry uses weasel-words to straddle the fence

Mayor Berry uses weasel-words to straddle the fence

Albuquerque Mayor Berry recently said the "immigrant community" (whatever that may be) is welcome in Albuquerque, but criminals are not. So, let's look at that statement and see what he, as a politician, actually means.

Since "criminals" are simply people who do things the government doesn't approve of, whether the things are actually bad (harmful to others; a violation of another person's identical rights) or not, the statement is empty rhetoric of the sort frequently spoken by parasites. Of course a government tool would not want people around who do things that the government doesn't approve of; they don't fit the plan. One of those things is moving to a new place without "official government permission". He can therefore justify, to himself and others without an ethical foundation, kidnapping people his LEOs find who are lacking permission papers.

Now, supposedly this new policy only affects those who have already been kidnapped in connection with other "crimes", but how many government programs ever fail to grow in breadth and depth? How many of these "crimes" involve actions that are within a person's rights to do?

If a person attacks, defrauds, or steals from anyone, they are subject to self-defensive actions, up to and including extermination when caught in the act. Get government out of the way of that basic right and the "illegal immigrant" problem, as well as most other societal problems, will evaporate faster than you can close and raze the now-obsolete government facilities. Where a person was born, or what papers he possesses, has nothing to do with it. And that is why government-lovers will never willingly recognize this basic human right. It takes away their power and prestige and exposes them as the worst of the species, subject to the same self-defensive consequences. The hand-wringing over "illegal immigrants" is smoke and mirrors to keep you from thinking about the real issue. Real liberty.