Friday, May 21, 2010

Rand Paul, racism, and 'libertarianism'

Rand Paul, racism, and 'libertarianism'

The Rand Paul "racism" flap just proves a point. To stupid people, much of libertarianism sounds like it is "not nice". Like the truthful statement I just made in the previous sentence. Yes, I am being a little hyperbolic- possibly.

I don't know if Rand Paul is "libertarian" or not; what little I have heard from him didn't pass the sniff-test for me, but that is what the mainstream media is loudly calling him. And they are using his statement to denigrate all libertarianism. What utter nonsense. Libertarians are the only ones out there who are NOT racist. Mr. Paul's statement wasn't racist in the slightest, either. It was individualist.

Now, maybe it sounds "mean" to allow people to make their own choices and face their own consequences. But how it "sounds" and the reality of the situation are polar opposites. It is the only nice thing you can do. And, if you want to step in and personally, individually, save people from the consequences of some of their own actions, when possible, go right ahead. Just don't use the illegitimate, coercive force of government to impose upon other people to grant your wishes at their own expense.

Was the federal government right to force private businesses to integrate back during the civil rights movement? No. It was a violation of personal property rights and the right of association. People have the right to be wrong, and discrimination based on trivial matters is a prime example of being wrong by exercising a right. If an individual or business discriminates against non-violent, honest people, you and I have a right, maybe even an ethical responsibility, to exercise our own right of association and shun those people and businesses. After all, if it can happen to "them" it could happen to "us".

The city of Albuquerque is cutting the pay of "its" employees. That's a good first step. The proper pay cut should be 100% for all "city employees". If something needs to be done, the market will fill the niche. More ethically (without relying on theft), more cost-effectively, better, and only if really necessary. Anything less is just dancing around trying to avoid the truth.
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