Saturday, May 22, 2010

Racist' flier is actually 'statist'

Racist' flier is actually 'statist'

An Albuquerque man is upset at a campaign flier that was left on his door. He feels it is "racist".
I agree that the flier displays ignorance in singling out "illegal immigrants" who live at the expense of others, while apparently ignoring the same character flaw in "citizens". It shows that the candidate is not a person to be trusted with any authority over the lives of others. However, I see nothing in it that mentions race; just pedigree.

"Racism" has become the "crying 'Wolf!'" of the early 21st century. Those who can't figure out anything else to fall back on, even where obvious evil (such as the statism and "borderism" in this flier) is staring them in the eye, frequently grasp at this straw. This tactic has backfired and made claims of "racism" into a laughing-stock to most people.

Racism is wrong, but most wrongs are not racist in nature.