Thursday, June 03, 2010

The 'law pollution' tipping point approaches

The 'law pollution' tipping point approaches

I'm sure you are aware that new "laws" are passed all the time. I'm seeing "public service" announcements of changes to Texas' "law" regarding seat belts even now. As these new "laws" are added, the old "laws" remain. The "law" becomes more restrictive with each passing day.
This results in the condition I refer to as "law pollution".

Already every one of us- yes, even you- break a multitude of "laws" every single day. Many years ago a sheriff's deputy told me that by the time we eat breakfast we have already broken lots of "laws", so we might as well not worry about it and just get on with our lives. That was the best advice I have ever gotten from a former cop. I have seen the claim that each of us commits 3 felonies every day now. I have no reason to doubt it. This means that if you berate someone for "breaking the law", though they harm no innocent person, you are a hypocrite. The "law" is meaningless; right or wrong is what you should worry about.

Everything that is wrong was already "illegal" millennia ago. No new "wrong" has been discovered since the day of the Neanderthal. Evil people have tried to justify wrongs, such as slavery and theft, by passing "laws" that "legalize" them, but the nature of right and wrong did not change to suit the "law".

This means these new "laws" are invariably counterfeit "laws" ; attempts to control or regulate something other than actual aggression, theft, or fraud. Counterfeit "laws" sound like real laws. They are written in legal language by lawyers. They are backed by the threat of death if you disregard them. They have no foundation in reality, but are based only upon the wishes of people who want to control your behavior. Bad, aggressive, dishonest people, each and every one. You have no ethical obligation to obey any counterfeit "law".

Believe it or not, this constant growth of "the law" is good news. It means there will come a tipping point where even the most delusional "law and order" person among us will realize the truth of the situation and stop trying. This tipping point is now inevitable and getting closer every day.. At that point the vast majority of people will stop respecting "the law" at all. Just as some of us did long ago. The State can't control us all.

It means that even "law enforcement" will be forced to stop imposing "the law" on all but the most obvious "criminal", or lose the respect of those who still, foolishly and without reason, respect them now. It may even mean that all but the worst police give up and find honest work. Because enforcing the "law" will be seen by almost everyone as the act of a desperate, and evil, class of Rulers who have lost all illusion of legitimacy. When that day comes you and I can say "Welcome to the club. We've been waiting for you."

Albuquerque "law enforcement" has arrested a man for an accident that killed a child. What I don't see are any reasons this accident is a "crime". I don't see any intent to cause harm. The man caused harm, intentionally or not, and that means he owes restitution. The State was not harmed and has no reason to be involved. Only if the man refuses to pay restitution is there any reason for a third party to become involved, and the State is never the right third party.