Sunday, June 06, 2010

Liberty is necessary for human life

Liberty is necessary for human life

Why do you think liberty is important- why is it important to you, and why do you think it is important to others (even those who don't know it is important)? Stop and really think about that.

Then consider the next question: Are you willing to completely respect the liberty of others, even if you despise them and their consensual choices, in order to increase your own liberty? If not, go back and think about your answer to that first question some more.

Oxygen is important to every person, absolutely critical in fact, even if they don't know what oxygen is or have never heard of it. Humans will die almost immediately in an oxygen-free atmosphere. Even if surrounded by nutritious food, clean water, comfortable temperatures, and "entertainment".

Liberty is the same. It is essential for human life. Everyone has some liberty; few have enough. Most people are liberty-starved. They have enough to barely stay alive, but not enough to thrive. If they had a similar level of oxygen in their body, they would be turning blue and their minds would be muddled and confused. If the situation were not corrected, death would soon result. This is true even if, in your lack of liberty, there is guaranteed "health care", police "services", a "national border", military "protection", and a "safety net" to provide food and shelter if you fail to provide for yourself.

Statism is the false liberty; it is the carbon monoxide in this analogy. It is, to most people, invisible and tasteless. It gets inside each cell, or individual, and replaces essential liberty with a toxic substitute that kills. Yet, because it contains the oxygen atom in each molecule, or the word freedom in each statist's empty vocalization, it is ignored until it is too late. The solution is to recognize it as the deadly poison it is, and avoid exposure in a closed environment.

In the world there is rationality and there is wackiness. Democrats and Republicans argue over which brand of wackiness is better and ignore the rationality. They debate replacing liberty with their own particular form of toxic statism, pretending that it is not deadly. Me, I prefer to breathe free- even knowing that my enemy will enjoy liberty as well. My own liberty is more important to me than the childish desire to punish my enemy. How about you?

Enjoying the record-high, triple-digit, temperatures in Albuquerque? Is it "anthropogenic (human-caused) global warming/climate change", or just standard environmental variation? Are you willing to risk giving the world's worst polluter and despoiler of the environment the power to take away your choices, and to limit your comfort, on the chance that your sacrifices could make a small positive difference?

Carbon dioxide is plant food. The more plant food, the more plants. The more plants, the less plant food free-for-the taking in the atmosphere. It's just science. Plus, remember that recent volcanic eruption in Iceland? It totally wiped out the net results of any carbon dioxide-limiting sacrifices you could make in your entire lifetime.

Don't soil your own nest, but don't worry about things that you can't affect. And stay cool.