Monday, June 07, 2010

The sight of a naked man almost kills woman. Oh, wait...

The sight of a naked man almost kills woman. Oh, wait...

Offensensitivity. It is a crippling condition where the sufferer seeks to be offended by almost anything. Words, sights, thoughts, opinions... almost anything other than actual aggression. In fact, aggression is the tool of preference for those who suffer from offensensitivity; to be used enthusiastically against all who dare offend them in some way.

I'm sorry if this offends someone, but seeing something, "even" a naked human body "doing lewd things", can not hurt anyone. Yet this is what the bizarre Puritan/State coalition would have us believe, and it has landed a man with purported mental problems in some hot water. The fact that he had government-unapproved or regulated medications in his possession only adds to his trouble.

A man at an Albuquerque thrift store decided to change into his "new" clothes inside the store instead of in a "portable bathroom" which was offered for the purpose. Now, I could be mistaken, but I'll bet that "bathroom" is not air-conditioned. I have been inside portable outhouses many, many times, and can vouch for the fact that in hot weather, even less severe than we are having now, those "bathrooms" are like ovens and are intolerable for all but the most desperate, and even if you are desperate you want to get in and out as fast as humanly possible. I would not want to change clothes in one. Combined with the claim that he is mentally ill, it doesn't surprise me at all that he chose to not change clothes there.

If the woman and her daughter didn't want to watch, they were free to turn away. If you see a "flasher", stare or point and laugh, if you want, but the photons bouncing off him will not harm you if they travel to your eyes. Only your reaction can harm you. I see the mother claimed that he behaved "in a lewd manner". How long did she need to watch him to decide he was being "lewd". The owners of the store are obviously free to ask him, in his "lewdness", to leave and not come back, but to attack him with the bludgeon of government is wrong. I see no claim that he harmed anyone in any way. "Feeling threatened" is a cop-out. In the absence of a clear and credible threat to cause harm- to attack- it is the coward's excuse for throwing someone to the wolves.

This man probably needs treatment*. He probably needs more of the same sort of medications he was self-medicating with, in order to function. Treatment and holding him hostage ("imprisonment") are not the same thing. Punishment, in this case, is the opposite of what he needs.

Of course, the State is anxious to collect as many of us in its "criminal justice" net as possible, so it will crawl under the covers and use some strange bedfellows for that purpose. And Puritans want to make sure everyone is subjected to their own unfounded beliefs about skin and sexuality, so they gladly use the State to force their pseudo-religious ideas on those who do not share them. It's a dangerous marriage that produces cruel offspring who delight in spreading pain and misery.

*Of a strictly voluntary nature. If he doesn't want treatment, no one has the right to coerce him to be treated as long as he does not harm any innocent person through aggression or fraud.