Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Monitoring the livestock- DWI bracelets

Monitoring the livestock- DWI bracelets

A reader brought to my attention a news story about "DWI bracelets" which are being used in Texas. They monitor the alcohol that is perspired through the skin of people who have been court-ordered to not drink at all. Some people, in order to make themselves "look good" to their masters in government choose to wear, and pay for the "privilege" of wearing, the bracelets before they are ordered to do so. While I would never interfere with their right to make such a choice, I find the idea a bit disgusting.

I guess the violation of privacy is slightly better than having a government-assigned guardian to live with you on a day-and-night basis. But not much better. Guardians can be bought-off or may develop a conscience.

However, technology can always be defeated or tricked. Someone will always find a way if the desire and motivation is strong enough. This is good news for liberty.

If you drink and drive and then hurt an innocent person, you owe restitution. However, until someone is hurt no aggression has occurred. And drinking and driving is no "worse" than driving while sleepy, distracted, angry, or depressed. There is no such thing as a perfect driver; there are only people who take responsibility for themselves and those who do not.

Politicians and bureaucrats really need a different hobby. One Albuquerque city councilor has decided that electronic billboards look trashy and distract drivers. He wants them banned (at least temporarily) and "studied". I'm pretty sure I heard this same nonsense a while back.

Look in the mirror councilcritter Benton, if you are looking for things that clutter and endanger Albuquerque. Law pollution makes a place trashier than any of those pretty billboards ever could. And, yes, they are pretty, in a city environment. The wilderness would not be enhanced by them, but a city can't be harmed by them, either. I'll bet he thinks Christmas decorations are trashy and distracting too. Just another sign that if you give a thug power, he will constantly look for excuses to abuse it. He needs to get a life. Not every freedom "needs" a law restricting it.