Thursday, June 10, 2010

State Supreme Court does right thing; overturns nonsensical DWI conviction

State Supreme Court does right thing; overturns nonsensical DWI conviction

Sometimes, rarely, courts do get it right. This is one of those cases.

A man who was passed out in his car, with the keys in the passenger seat, had his drunk driving conviction overturned by the state Supreme Court.

Seeing as how he was NOT "driving" at the time of his kidnapping by Albuquerque police, anyone with an IQ above that of a cockroach should have known the man was not legally "guilty" of driving while ... anything.

That this case even had to go to the State Supreme Court makes me wonder about the intelligence of the jurors who threw him to the wolves.

I have already given up on hoping for intelligence from the LEOs, who also should have known better. Obviously, their job as the highwaymen, collecting loot at gunpoint for the Rulers, gives them a severe conflict of interest that overrides any sense.

The man in this case seems even more clearly innocent of any "driving" than the passed-out drunk LEO in the case we have discussed before, since this man was in a parking lot, rather than on the side of the road. Which one would you suspect might have actually been sober when he parked his car?


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