Thursday, June 17, 2010

Build a monument to Liberty

Build a monument to Liberty

A lot of people seem to like big monuments. But most big monuments celebrate Statism, since it is much easier to afford to build them if you can steal the money to do so.

Victims and accomplices of government's main business, war, are a popular subject for these monuments. This way you can celebrate the State and mourn its victims at the same time. How very efficient and emotionally fulfilling. For some.

One big monument, "Liberty Enlightening the World", or "The Statue of Liberty", was built without theft, to celebrate something actually worth celebrating. Of course, it was then stolen by government and turned into a parody of itself. Unfortunately, it is now a "liberty-free zone" all its own, due to the policies of the government that confiscated it. The same could be said about The Liberty Bell, which is held hostage in the statist "paradise" of Philadelphia. (This is what often happens to things which have no definite owner- the tragedy of the commons in a slightly different manifestation.)

So, how to satisfy the apparent human hunger for big monuments without building altars to death? The best monument to liberty is your own life and the liberated legacy you leave. It takes no theft or coercion, and you can make certain it is not conscripted for the glorification of the State. It is also the biggest monument there is.

In Albuquerque news: Once again, Tasers are shown to not be "non-lethal". An Albuquerque man died after being electro-tortured by LEOs. If the cops are being truthful about the events leading to the man's death, the man did need to be stopped from doing what he was doing. I am not disputing that. However, people need to stop viewing Tasers as a "safe alternative" to shooting an aggressor, and need to stop viewing Tasers as a "compliance device" of any sort.

Never Taser someone you are not willing to kill. A Taser and a badge are as bad a combination as a gun and a badge.