Saturday, June 19, 2010

Call to action in defense of liberty

Call to action in defense of liberty

I ran across a comment on a blog that shows the narrowness, or complete lack, of thought that goes into the statist religion. It is as though they wear blinders and refuse to really think about what they write. It is scary that some people apparently really believe there is not any way to "provide" certain things without coercion, force, and murder. It isn't true, of course. However, as I have pointed out before, this is "what we are up against".

I have submitted my comment there, but as it contains several links it is languishing in "Moderationland" at the time I write this.

I ask that you read the comment and put in your two-cents' worth (adjusted for FRN-devalued "dollars"; maybe you could contribute more value than that).

I felt this was important enough to post even without my obligatory Albuquerque content. Really, it is important that sensible people respond to things of this sort as quickly as possible, before the virus spreads to unsuspecting minds. More zombies- not what we need.