Monday, June 21, 2010

Who is 'Utopian'?

Who is 'Utopian'?

"Idealistic"- "Utopian"- These are words intended to insult or discredit those of us who do not believe that aggression and theft are "the only way" you can form a working society.

At some point, in any discussion with a statist, these words (or something similar) will make an appearance. Now when they do I just smile to myself. I have realized that these words are the indicators that a person has run out of other arguments against liberty. They are the last grasp at a flimsy straw when all else has been attempted. It is the intellectual equivalent of throwing the gun at your opponent when you are out of ammunition.

Of all the "ideas" out there, statism has shown itself to be the ultimate "idealistic" and "Utopian" dream. It has been tried, in every imaginable permutation, for thousands of years and it always fails. Always. Why think "next time we'll get it right" against all evidence?

Albuquerque Public Schools (sic) and some city councilors are playing tug-of-war with your money yet again. It's like watching hyenas fight over a carcass that they stole from a leopard. The APS wants to build a "magnet school" on the property and the city councilors want an arena. It must be nice to spend other people's money. If an arena is "so critical for the future of tourism in the city and region", then people would be willing to invest in it without being forced to do so. Government need not get involved in any way.