Friday, July 23, 2010

Government is evidence of failure

Government is evidence of failure

Suppose that every government official and enforcer, from the president to your friendly neighborhood Taser-monkey, suddenly gets a conscience and eliminates themselves from the category of living beings as a long-overdue gesture toward decency.

Would you celebrate by looting, raping, and killing? No? Would your family members take the opportunity to act on secret desires to start doing these things- the values and principles of a lifetime tossed out the window like a squashed spider? Or, if your family isn't being held in check by government guns in their faces, perhaps it is your friends who are the reason that the 5000-year long failure of externally-imposed government is still believed to be a necessity. They must be the ones you fear if the threat of arrest or death by Duly-Authorized Coercion Professionals weren't a guaranteed result of being a "criminal". Right? No? Well, I'm sure most people would blame "others".

Unless you would stand by and let the suddenly unshackled bad guys live out their coercive fantasies, what is the danger?

Sure, you wouldn't bother, or even be able, to enforce the unnumbered millions of "necessary" counterfeit "laws" that the Rulers have seen fit to impose on me, but you'd be able to recognize when I was doing something actually wrong; initiating force, fraud, trespassing, or theft. And you'd have the right and the ability to take the initiative to stop me, exactly like those recently-extinct enforcers would have possibly done. In fact, you and I would be better able to do that effectively, since "Average Joe (or Jo)" is the person present when these acts are committed.
Without the silly and evil anti-defense "laws" making people second-guess whether being attacked now by the "criminal" is safer than being attacked later by "The Law", more people would be inclined to do what is right.

Clinging to the notion of government is an admission that you wouldn't do the right thing in a crisis. You want someone else to carry that burden for you. Yet, as has been clearly demonstrated since the dawn of history, that doesn't work. Either each of us does what is right to the best of our own ability, or it simply doesn't get done. Hiring others to do it for us is abject failure. Government is the physical evidence of that failure. Take back civilization.

From the Albuquerque news comes this story out of Santa Fe. Robbers who were given what they demanded, "thank" their victims by shooting them. Killing some.

Cops and other anti-self-defense opinionizers are always insisting that victims of theft "just give the robbers what they want", suggesting that cooperation will keep you safe. "Your money isn't worth your life" they say. However, some thieves don't "just" want your money, as these two thugs demonstrate. Anyone willing to steal from you should be assumed to also have no objections to killing you if it suits their purpose. Don't take the chance. Fight back with all the determined violence of a cornered wildcat. But with more focus.

Trespasser- the definition

A trespasser is a person who is present on property that belongs to someone else without that owner's permission.

It doesn't matter if the trespasser is a transient (with or without government permission papers) "just passing through" or an agent sent by the government for some "legal" purpose.

If the trespasser cuts a fence or kicks down a door to gain entry this is above and beyond the trespass; it is another wrong in addition to the trespass. Destruction is not a prerequisite to trespassing.

It is not possible to trespass on "government property" since government can't actually "own" anything. Government doesn't possess anything it did not steal from the real owner, or "purchase" with stolen (including counterfeited) money. A thief does not own that which he possesses, and has no say in what is done with that property.