Saturday, July 24, 2010

The government's 'thief protection program'

The government's 'thief protection program'

My recent Albuquerque news link, about the robbers who have been shooting their robbery victims for no apparent reason, elicited a comment by "Roger Young" that really stuck in my head, and keeps reverberating there. He says:

The police advice to victims (to give robbers what they want) reflects the same
attitude the state, in general, encourages among its citizen-serfs: “Don’t
resist. Pay your taxes. Obey our commands.” What is the state but just another
bandit looking to steal our property AND our freedom.

He is so right. It makes me wonder if, deep down, the agents of the State don't realize what they really are, and seek to protect themselves by indoctrinating us all on how to behave in all similar situations. It sure sounds like they do.

Instead, I suggest staying alert and aware, and treating all robbers and aggressors the same. If they don't like that, they can go straight


(Notice the "missing" period at the end. Did I mean "go straight"? Or did I mean they can go straight to somewhere that I "forgot" to write down to complete the sentence? You decide.)