Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Odds and Ends for Tuesday

Odds and Ends for Tuesday

For every situation there is a smart way to rebel, and there are lots of stupid ways to rebel. I don't always know the difference myself, but I see some people who seem committed to rebel in the most stupid ways possible. They seem to be saying "Here I am! Notice me and strike me down! Quickly, before I can accomplish anything!" It really isn't for me to judge how another person decides to rebel or comply, as long as they don't initiate force, fraud, or theft. It just makes me wonder- Is it useful to sacrifice yourself without making any gain? Who am I to judge what another sees as "gain"? I personally see a lot of value in having lots of living people exercising their liberty and withdrawing consent from the "system". Sure, if you are dead you are not consenting, but you really aren't much of an irritation to the Rulers that way, either.
They'll still tax your corpse.

If you can't find any way to resolve your issue other than coercion or initiating force, including using a "law", you have failed.

What can you use to accomplish your goals instead of a State, a government, or other types of coercive evil?

If you want to accomplish something, do you automatically think of a way to do it using coercion? Or theft or fraud? Or, do you not even consider those things, knowing that they are wrong even when convenient and you "really, really, want to do this"?

In a previous column I ended by saying "My job is to offer a map for your use."
MamaLiberty commented "Who made this your job? "

Well, there have been many times in my life when I have taken on tasks that I was not asked to undertake, but that were within my rights to work on. Usually without any sort of pay or recognition. Sometimes even to be met with scorn or opposition. It is not what I'd prefer, but it does seem to be the way things are.

Albuquerque has another candidate for "Mother of the Year". Her 6-year old autistic son was found wandering outside, in the rain, after midnight, and she denied being his mother until her tattoo of his name on her neck gave her away.

I would bet she may be willing to give him up to someone who might actually care about him. Maybe a monetary trade could be made to grease the wheels. "Laws" prevent this for "the child's own good" of course, but how could that be worse than being handed over to government and placed in foster care or even back with a mother who might not really want him? Let real, mutually beneficial solutions be found; not blocked.

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