Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Left's favorite whine to libertarians

The Left's favorite whine to libertarians

Guess which comment from "the left" irritates me the most. Anytime any liberty-respecting writer makes a point critical of Obama and his tyrannical proclivities, some lefty will pipe up: "Where were you during the eight years of Bush?"

I'll tell you where I was. Right here opposing, either in writing or in how I live my life, every single evil act he committed. Just as I am with Obama. And every other libertarian/anarchist/sovereign individual was doing the same thing; some much louder and longer than me. What I want to ask these myopic "progressives" ("regressives" would be a lot more accurate, since what they really advocate is a return to the worst traits of failed governments of the past) is "I have been here all along. Where did you go when Obama revealed himself to be 'Bush III'?"

Of course, I'd also like to point out that being "of the left" is a position so full of internal inconsistencies as to lose any chance of "working" in the real world, but I'll be nice and let them figure that out for themselves. Just as those "of the right" will have to do. Someday.

I don't worry so much about government acting like government these days. To expect otherwise would be delusional. In that case I might as well become a "Tea Partier". There is only one "Tea Party" worth your time, which hasn't been derailed by "more-of-the-same-ism", and you can find them and get involved without moving from where you sit: The Boston Tea Party. For the most part I prefer to avoid and ignore government when I can, and I certainly don't wish to spend my time thinking about it. I'll warn others of things I see that I think they need to be aware of, and point out the real solution that respects individual rights and liberty, but life is too precious to let The State spoil it.

An Albuquerque man is being sought after supposedly forcing a teen into prostitution in his home. It would be more accurate to describe her situation as slavery, rather than prostitution. I seriously doubt she was getting any money from her efforts, which puts the lie to the "prostitution" charge. It would have been just as wrong for him to force her to wash dishes for others while he kept the money she earned. I'm supposing the State is reluctant to charge people with slavery; that would be self-incriminating for the government, since most of its actions are aimed at enslaving the population and forcing us to support the government with the labors of our bodies.