Tuesday, August 03, 2010

LEO haircut inspires laughter and well-deserved ridicule

You know that absurd "hair style" adopted by the new militarized breed of LEO? The little oval patch of short hair perched on top of an otherwise shaved head? It is nice they have chosen to identify themselves as parasites even when otherwise out of uniform so we don't accidentally mistake them for good guys. But it is hard to resist laughing everytime I see one of those ridiculous, and butt-ugly, hair berets. As you can tell, I have been thinking up names to describe it.

Some others I have come up with include:

Thug rug.
Scalp badge.
Swagger patch.
Taser doily.
Head pubes.
Cop top.

What makes downtown ABQ 'violent'?

What makes downtown ABQ 'violent'?

The question: Is downtown Albuquerque safe? The answer: Of course it is. The only danger is to people who are in downtown Albuquerque.

In spite of an admission of a "rash of violence" recently, the downtown LEO handlers claim "the current policing strategy is working". That's just funny!

If there has been a rash of violence, and that violence is not violence used in defense of life and property against credible threats, then obviously the current strategy is not helping the situation, if that were even the LEOs' goal.

Cops cause crime! More cops, or more visible cops, will never, ever solve the problem. Their presence makes many people shirk their own responsibility and think someone else will do their job for them. Wherever you are it is your responsibility to watch out for yourself. This involves being aware and armed. If you have it in you, you can also make it your responsibility to look out for those around you. A cop's job is to make sure you obey the State. "Sit down and shut up! Stop bothering Big Brother and hand over your wallet." This is antithetical to peace and liberty. The better way is in your hands.