Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Drunk city employees face new policy

Drunk city employees face new policy

Apparently there is such a big problem with Albuquerque city employees driving drunk that the mayor had to conjure up a new policy to deal with it. And yet, he seems to have made certain to leave some wiggle-room for those "important" enough to warrant special treatment.

Supposedly, now if a city employee is arrested and charged with DWI, they won't be allowed to drive on the job for a while, and they might lose their job altogether. However, notice the "...and charged..." qualifier. As we have seen in some other cases, people with connections can be picked up by Law Enforcement, obviously drunk, and yet somehow the charges are forgotten, unless the incident becomes public.

If there is no harm, there is no real crime. If there is harm, then drunk or sober doesn't matter. Restitution is owed to the injured party or their survivors.