Saturday, August 07, 2010

Lower your expectations so you can declare success

This morning, on a trip to the zoo, my daughter latched onto another kid that she decided was her BFF the moment she saw her. So, having nothing better to do and no reason to object, I let her follow the girl and her mom around. The girl's mom was on her phone most of the time anyway.

The main reason I mention this, though, is that the mom was wearing a T-shirt that said (as near as I can remember): "President Obama- Mission Accomplished!"

Really? Talk about having low expectations!

I was shocked at Bushie's delusion during his "Mission Accomplished" photo op aboard the naval vessel back during the early days of the Crusades, Part Infinity. But, at least he had accomplished something he thought was vital (destroying Liberty in America and replacing it with despotism and Big Brother while invading scary places he couldn't find on a map and having his tools kill swarthy ferriners).

But I really have to wonder what "The Mission" was that was accomplished by Obama. Just becoming president? Breaking a record number of campaign promises in record time without any of his followers noticing? Getting a galactic-sized ego so fast without his head exploding? Or, maybe, just keeping so many of his followers fooled for this long. I guess that is quite an accomplishment. Lincoln has still done better on that account, though.

Old Town's crime spike: the solution suggests itself

Old Town's crime spike: the solution suggests itself

There has been a recent increase in theft and vandalism in Albuquerque's Old Town. In response, APD has increased its horse patrols. It is suggested that "[o]fficers on horseback may look like part of the historical tourist attraction", but this would only be the case if they wore Old West style clothing rather than 21st Century Police-State uniforms.

So, I have a suggestion. Why not let them dress the part? The modern uniform adds nothing positive, while returning to a more respectable era, at least in appearance, might have a psychological effect on would-be bad guys. Then, adding to the historical nature of the neighborhood, encourage shop owners to wear sidearms as well.

Delusional merchants, showing a remarkable lack of awareness of reality, say that as long as they see the cops around, they feel safe. Instead of massaging their "feelings", why not actually increase their safety? Remind them that their safety, and their property, is their responsibility.