Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Asking permission is begging for punishment

Asking permission is begging for punishment

Need more proof that government has no business being involved in anyone's marriage? An Albuquerque man is facing felony bigamy charges because he did what most humans do at some point- he moved on to the next mate.

His mistake was in allowing government to "officially recognize" his relationship with the previous mate, and then neglecting to ask government to officially recognize the end of that relationship. Then, because he also allowed government to "officially recognize" the next relationship, he is facing criminal charges. He wasn't actually with them both, as "husband", at the same time. And his previous mate, in an act of evil, used the State and its counterfeit "laws" as a weapon against this man because she held a childish grudge. I see no claim he was harming her in any way- she simply knew of a way to hurt him, and she took advantage of it.

Government has no business sanctioning marriage (or anything else). Asking permission from government for your relationship is like pouring sewage in your well. What you've got, if it is good, is good. It needs nothing added. This applies to homosexuals and the polyamorous just as much as to heterosexuals.

Of course, "laws" giving perks to governmentally-recognized relationships are probably one of the main motivations for this foolish act. Actually, it isn't "perks" so much as a reduction in the penalties for existence that government piles on each individual. It is understandable that people try to reduce this burden in "legal" ways by jumping through hoops for the amusement and enrichment of the meddlesome Rulers.

Rather than seeking to be as equally violated as the next person, stop asking permission for your relationships. Force government to remove the penalties for existence. And never ask permission to do that which is your human right to do.

Even if in the monority, dare to speak up

Even if in the monority, dare to speak up

What if you, a generally "libertarian" person, have a position on some issue that is at odds with the position of other "libertarian" people? Should you keep your opinion to yourself? What if it turns out that you are wrong?

I think it is better to express yourself. Perhaps you are seeing the issue from a different angle that other people are not considering. Maybe you are misunderstanding the issue completely. How will anyone know or learn if no one speaks out?

Recently I have been following, in a cursory way, a libertarian disagreement over "intellectual property". While I see the point that each side is trying to make, (here, here, here, and here) I agree it could have been handled in a more friendly way. After all we are all in this together.

Still, I think it is good to get these disagreements out in the open where all sides of the issue can be aired. I doubt anyone involved will change their minds, but people on the sidelines, who may not have thought it over yet, can see all the arguments and decide which position (if any) has more merit. Then, possibly, in the future it may be self-evident which side was really supporting individual liberty and which was not. Or a third way may be seen as the truth while the current battle of words will be seen as arguing over angels and pinheads.