Thursday, August 26, 2010

Problem? Solved!

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Gangland kidnapping in ABQ results in one hostage and one wounded gang member

Gangland kidnapping in ABQ results in one hostage and one wounded gang member
An Albuquerque gang member has been shot in the leg while committing an early morning kidnapping with other members of his gang. The kidnapping succeeded. I have zero sympathy for someone who gets hurt while initiating force. It is simply a reasonable consequence of aggression.
The injured individual is a member of the gang known as SWAT, which is a branch of the infamous "Police"; the largest and most violent gang in America- responsible for more aggression and theft than all the other gangs combined.
SWAT "teams" were established under the lie that they were needed and would only be used to handle extreme situations, such as hostage rescues, where military weaponry (illegally prohibited to the rightful bearers), military tactics, and shockingly over-the-top violent responses might help get the hostage out alive. Or at least end the situation decisively. That they have been co-opted to handle mundane cop work, like serving warrants, exposes the uselessness of their existence and the "mission creep" inherent in all government agencies. The teams exist, they have a budget, so they will be used even if this escalates the situation.
Added to this fact is that, in this case, the warrant was being served for a victimless NONcrime, a consequence of the inexcusably stupid and evil "Drug War". No one needs another shred of evidence that SWAT is nothing more than another disgusting branch of the US Gestapo.