Friday, September 03, 2010

Rescuing the innocent without harming them more

Rescuing the innocent without harming them more

An Albuquerque woman has been "arrested" because cops came into her home for a "welfare check" and discovered her baby caked in dried feces and with a used baby wipe stuffed in his mouth. Another candidate for ABQ Parent of the Year. But what's the solution?

Let's discount right away the sick notion that it is OK to have a group of people, paid with stolen money, who are authorized to enter private property and check up on people's activities. Because it is not "OK" under any circumstances using any justification.

Without an "official system" to regulate and punish abusive or neglectful parents people would have no excuse to not pay attention. It couldn't be claimed that it is "someone else's job" anymore. If you know of a situation like this next door or across town, it becomes your responsibility to take action to help the innocent, or to find someone who will.

Imprisoning the mother doesn't help the child in any way. Neither do "fines". It doesn't protect the next victim from a similar event. It only empowers The State.

In a free society tragedies will still occur, just as they do in our current police state. Yet, individuals would still be able to intervene when they see an innocent person in trouble- without government. They just won't have badges unless they buy one- but then the badge will have no official standing and no "sovereign immunity"- if they cause harm or step beyond their boundaries while intervening; they are fully accountable. No kicking in doors, beating the residents or shooting them and their dogs, then being excused by The State as "following department guidelines". In the long run, liberty will result in less tragedy and less harm to the innocent than The State.