Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ABQ "Violent" according to officer

ABQ "Violent" according to officer

"We tend to be somewhat of a violent town." says Albuquerque's Chief Public Safety [sic] Officer. Yet he doesn't realize (or won't publicly acknowledge, anyway) that he and his gang are largely to blame.

So in an effort to "understand" where all this violence comes from, the city will spend your stolen money on an analysis from a "think tank".

Don't analyze it; SOLVE IT!

Stop denying people the liberty to defend themselves and their property with the best tools available.

End the evil and stupid War on (some) Drugs that empowers gangs and other aggressors, both with and without badges.

Those two simple acts would render Albuquerque's violence a bad memory. Problem solved.

Liberty: How can we get there from here?

Liberty: How can we get there from here?

I'm tired, for the moment, of pointing out the failures of statism. They are so obvious it seems silly to keep pointing them out. But, apparently many people refuse to see them, so it remains necessary.

The question that I hope is on your mind at this point would be "How can I help form a society that respects liberty? You know, real liberty; the freedom for each of us to exercise his or her individual rights."

You can only do that one person at a time, by your individual behavior. That's the only way anything, a free society or a tyranny, comes about. However, there are some general trends you can support to help the process along.

If you've been paying attention you will know that a big part of the solution is to acknowledge that the police and "public schools" must end. That one change would go a long ways toward freeing civilization from the grip of tyranny. There is a reason I have focused so much recently on the failures caused directly by "police" and "public schools"- the Albuquerque news is full of these failures on a daily basis. I can't pass up on illustrations that are handed to me so abundantly. Unless you bury your head in the sand you can't ignore the obvious. Just do as I do and take a look at the Albuquerque news (or your local equivalent) and you will see it ... unless you are determined not to. Breaking the hold of these two organs of The State would at least allow people to start thinking for themselves and start acting in self-responsible ways.

Another part of the answer is to stop looking to government for anything. No handouts; no "justice"; no "protection". If you need it, you can't get it from The State, and if only The State can provide it, you don't need it. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you can grow up. Stop believing that government can print "money" backed by nothing but empty promises. If you are forced to accept it and pay "taxes" on it, it isn't money.

I highly recommend "attending" The On Line Freedom Academy to help break free of the delusions that have been carefully cultivated, whether successfully or not, in your mind. It will help you more than you might suspect.