Monday, October 18, 2010

Decreasing your local entropy

Decreasing your local entropy

I am a anti-entropist. I constantly try to decrease my local entropy while knowing that in the Universe as a whole, it must increase. I see where people have messed something up or broken it, and I want to fix it even if it is not my responsibility. And I often do.

That is part of why I dislike The State. It breaks the natural order and harms individuals. It is chaos of the worst kind masquerading as order.

Statists lie and pretend that they are fighting entropy, but instead they are accelerating it. Instead of letting human interactions naturally crystallize into the best, most stable, and mutually beneficial forms, The State prevents that spontaneous order and uses "laws" to make a mess of everything; to divorce actions from justified consequences. Then supporters of The State claim that the only alternative is chaos and death. They lie. I do not support their false beliefs. I will not even silently pretend the statists are right to avoid hurting someone's feelings.

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In Albuquerque news: I've mentioned the counterproductive drive to "do something" previously. The urge rears its empty head once again.

Some bikers in Albuquerque were recruited by an anti-heroin group to get the message out to teens that "heroin is here, it's in on our streets and in our schools". Seriously, I suspect the teens were the first to know. Instead of "breaking the silence" and telling teens what they already know, why not tell them the truth.

Tell them that abusing drugs, or anything, is a stupid thing to do. Tell them that they own their body and have a right to do anything to it they want, including destroying themselves, BUT no one has any obligation to rescue them from their stupid choices. And tell them that The State will kill them to "save them" from drugs, if given half a chance. That's the message that needs to get out there.