Thursday, October 28, 2010

ABQ couple had chemicals, guns, and books in home

ABQ couple had chemicals, guns, and books in home

An Albuquerque couple is in trouble for the chemicals they had in their home. Also, if the story is true, the male half of the couple initiated force against an innocent man. It gave the authorities a good excuse to whip up a dramatic overreaction so they could be seen to be "doing something". However, if his bombs don't work any better than he shoots, probably no one was in much danger.

I have to shake my head when I hear some authority get breathless over "dangerous chemicals". Every home is full of dangerous chemicals. It is the way they are stored and used that can be the problem. I see no indication this was the case. With this couple it is the fact that The State is scared (or wants to make people believe) that the chemicals might have been intended to be used against its assets that is the issue.

Other non-issues are also being brought up. Specifically that the home contained firearms, "biohazard materials", and books. Every home on the planet should contain several firearms. I would bet that many homes also have books that contain information about making explosives. And every home also contains "biohazard material" if you listen to The State and mainstream health authorities.

I see nothing other than the attack on the innocent man that requires any response from any third party. And that's assuming the innocent man really is innocent.


How is your hoard of lead?

With the approaching elections comes the possibility of unhappy voters. While I doubt anything too serious will come of their unhappiness (voters are too easily placated), it is never a bad idea to use this as an excuse to check up on your stocks and supplies. Any excuse to do what you should do anyway, right?

One thing I like to inventory (and re-stock) from time to time is my supply of ammo. Like most other emergency supplies, even if you don't "need" it, you can always use it. And you can never have enough of it. It's just fun to go out and shoot up a few boxes for relaxation, and it is useful fun that keeps your skills honed.

Plus, it makes a great gift in my opinion- I have never gotten ammo from someone and wished I had gotten something else. (hint, hint- if any of my family is reading)

I also look at my stock of ammo as a bank account of sorts; even calibers you don't use in your own guns make good trade goods- and, with the Fed's vigorous counterfeiting operation, it will hold its value better than FRNs. So, check out your stocks, and refill any gaps.

Disclaimer: I did get paid for this endorsement. However, I have been a customer of theirs for years and have always gotten great service and have always been more than satisfied. I wouldn't have agreed to this had it been otherwise.