Monday, December 06, 2010


If you hate or fear what Wikileaks is doing, you are pathetic.

If you value security (or the illusion of security, anyway) over liberty, you are pathetic.

If you excuse mass murder simply because it is done by "your" government (or more specifically by its "troops"/hired killers) in some other country, you are pathetic.

If you have anything other than revulsion for those evil perverts of the TSA, you are pathetic.

If you support the murderers and cretins who carry out the War on Drugs, you are pathetic.

If you still believe there are "good cops" you are delusional and are hiding your head in the sand.

If you think your religion is more important than liberty, you are pitiable.

If you don't see that any border that keeps "them" out can also be used to trap "us" here, you are pathetic.

If you think "gun control" is about anything other than removing people's ability to resist harm from bad guys, and giving more power to The State, you are pathetic.

If you won't admit that taxation, any taxation, is theft, you are pathetic.

If you trust a bunch of amoral, unethical, power-mad politicians and bureaucrats to run your life and the lives of others more than you trust yourself, you are pathetic.

If you expect me (or anyone else) to be numbered, scanned, groped, tracked, spied on, regulated, controlled, licensed, censored, or otherwise "governed", you are my enemy.

For that matter, if you support The State and don't see it as the cancer it really is, you are beyond pathetic.

I may not tell you to your face because if this describes you I doubt you'd have the ability to comprehend any of it, and would only try (pathetically) to insult me in some way. I've seen it happen over and over again.

Of course I'm an anarchist- because I have principles and ethics. There is no good to come from The State nor from supporting or respecting it. Time's Up!