Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Truth Exposed

The kidnapping of Julian Assange proves that what "conservative" conspiracy theorists have railed about for years is a done deal. There is already a "One-World Government". (And "patriotic conservatives" have been its biggest supporters by propping up one of its tentacles.) How long has that been the case? For a long time.

Just as the different agencies and branches of the federal government may fight amongst themselves, yet have the same ultimate belief that what they work together toward is legitimate, so it is with all the "separate" nations' governments. Step on the toes of one, and they all stick together to protect the interests of The State as a unified force.

This also illustrates (for liberty-minded folk or anyone else who is honest) the illegitimacy of "national borders"- why bother with them when the only "need" for them is to divvy up the spoils of politics among the various gangs of governmental thieves? "National borders" serve the interests of The State as separate cages serve the interest of the dog pound.

This whole Wikileaks situation has completely ripped away the thin veil that was marginally hiding the monster at the controls. The State has exposed itself for exactly what it is. Those who still support it are siding with death, tyranny, and inexcusable evil. Don't be a brainwashed "useful idiot". Stop supporting or defending The State at any level.