Tuesday, January 11, 2011


You just can't discuss a subject rationally with people who get their world view from their interpretation of the opinions of imaginary beings and think the written records of the opinions of reality-ignorant, brutal, slave-owning, genocidal, female-subjugating tribes are "The Law". Especially when they cherry pick those writings so carefully (and apparently without any realization they are doing so. And yes, I am cherry-picking as well, but one turd in the pie ruins the whole pie and should not be ignored).

This has come to a head due to my CNJ columns. This is a very statist and superstitious region, and the commenters demonstrate that in spades. Every topic gets hijacked into a "Well, God says..." sort of thing. If I wanted to write about religion, I would write about religion. (I guess I sort of do anyway since so many worship The State against all reason, and they don't like me showing that god as an imaginary, yet destructive, delusion.)

Want to end a conversation with me? Just start basing all your "arguments" on religious notions rather than universal principles.


  1. Consider writing a treatise on the Bible supporting liberty, then. There's plenty of it to be had. I'm not a Christian, but I've used thsi argument before to get the Bible thumpers to shut up. Your largest obstacle is Romans 13, of course, but that's easily overcome. Here's some starters:




  2. I'll hafta think about that.

    I gave up on trying to talk to Christians rationally not long ago. Either they would finally admit "I'm going to believe what I want to believe no matter what the facts are" or they would completely flip out and call me all sorts of incredibly nasty names when their "logical" errors were pointed out and I wasn't convinced of their correctness. (I still have the emails saved.)

    The big problem with the commenters I mentioned this time is that the ONLY thing that matters is abortion. Unless I will side with them that a fertilized human egg is a person with all its human rights fully intact, they toss out all arguments for liberty and responsibility, and right and wrong. That is not reasonable or rational. And I don't even like abortion! (But their incredible block-headedness may make me change my mind on that.)