Friday, January 21, 2011

"Guns and Weed" movie.

Watch this, then send it to everyone you know and watch it again!


  1. Man, that was a long but EXCELLENT series!

    I believe in the 3 laws: No agression, no theft and no fraud. (Maybe trespassing in certain circumstances?)

    War on (some) drugs? War on guns? Bullshit!
    (Oh, as an aside, Codrea and Vanderboegh
    are hard on the heels of F-Troop. Crime.)

    Yes, I watched every second of it and with the crap that kids see on TV now, it should be required viewing in every school at about the age of 8 and repeated quarterly. Thanks, Kent.

    I don't comment here or anywhere else very often, however:

    I DO read your stuff at least once a week, and although we may disagree on minor points, I'd sit down with ya and have a coupla beers. IF you drink beer? I don't smoke weed, but I don't care if someone else does. Regardless, it would be a lively conversation.

    I've put in quite a few years on this planet, and I really do not know WHEN the "tipping point" is going to occur, but I can tell everyone this:

    WTSHTF, you better be ready. It IS coming.

    The Constitution needs to be clarified for the IDIOTS who cannot comprehend either it or the background writings that accompany it. At least until someone dreams up something better... Good luck.

    Statistically, or even by a Bell Curve, at least HALF of the humans out there are STUPID! If there IS a God, why did He curse us with STATISTS in the age of abortion? They live and still breathe among us! LOL! Another long subject.

    Thank you for your writings, man.

    Take care and if you are a Ham, 73. :)

    (Oh, BTW, who is the blonde lady in the videos? I'm partial to Latinas, but... ) :)

    - Tom Wolff, III-per

  2. A point of clarification, if I may:

    Beyond those 3 laws aforementioned, there should be NO others...


  3. Thanks for the comment, Tom. I agree with the 3 laws you mention. Along with the "maybe trespassing".

    I don't drink beer, but I'd gladly sit and drink a Dr Pepper while you drank whatever suited you. I'm sure we would have a very stimulating conversation.

    That movie does have some nice-looking ladies, doesn't it. And girls with guns.... just warms my heart. ;) And I generally prefer dark-haired beauties, but that blonde is very hot.