Monday, January 24, 2011

Kent's Dictionary

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* Things that were suggested I add, but which I don't necessarily think about enough to need to define otherwise.


  1. How about the definition of "collective." Most Libertarians who argue over "collectivism" see it as a statist, top-down, totalitarian authoritarianism that strips people of their rights and property. Marxism and Trotskyite capitalistic/communism is certainly a form of collectivism, however to me in it's purist form it is a consensus among individuals with regards to things social and nothing more. A family is a collective wherein mom and dad form a consensus and decided how the family is run. A tribe or community needs consensual parameters in order to avoid conflict. This is also collectivism, no? The very word "demo-cracy" means self rule, but its context implies collective agreement.

  2. This gets into the "how I use the word" territory.

    If it is consensual I don't think of it as a "collective". To me, "collective" implies coercion and not being allowed to opt out. I'll write a post defining "collective" as I use it and link it here.

    Oh, and I'm not a big fan of "democracy" either. 50% + one individual has no more rights than a single individual who happens to be on the "losing side".

  3. No definition of "laws"? WTF?