Monday, January 10, 2011

Looking down the barrel...

I am worn out from all this nonsense over the Giffords shooting.

I really do try to care about it but the victim disarmament crowd- the Mass Murderer Fan Club- makes it very hard for me to care that politicians were shot. I am very upset at the death of the 9 year-old girl, though.

But, truly, the balderdash from the hoplophobes makes me much more concerned about protecting my own life and family. It is hard to be really concerned with the tragedy that has befallen others when you see that the real bad guys have you in their sights and are drooling over the chance to "take you out" next. That is what is happening here. Those who want to take your guns are willing for you to die to further their agenda. And they are happy to have their tools kill you.

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