Friday, January 14, 2011

Support for military is NOT "libertarian"

The assertion that support (or at least acceptance) of the US military as something "we think the government should do- keep us secure" is a "libertarian" position keeps cropping up.

No, it is not a libertarian position, it is an authoritarian inconsistency when found in a libertarian and needs to be exposed as such. It makes as much sense as a koala trying to live on the sea floor.

Even the most weak-kneed variety of libertarianism is centered around the idea of "minimum government- maximum liberty". How can you claim "minimum government" while supporting the biggest government program there is? The one used as justification for every violation of libertarian principles imaginable.

If you include the (I think) necessary aspect of a libertarian living by the ZAP, then supporting the military becomes even more absurd. The US military has made it standard practice to be aggressive; attacking, invading, and occupying the homes of people who did nothing to deserve it. If it was "defensive" in nature, then ONLY government facilities would be targeted. And even one instance of "collateral damage" is a violation of the ZAP and makes one the attacker rather than the defender.

The US military- the army, the navy, the air force, the marines, the national guard, and even the coast guard- are a greater threat to YOUR liberty than all the foreign military forces and terrorists of the world combined.

They are already the occupying force surrounding you. They are already being funded with money stolen from you. They have already claimed large tracts of land all around you for their exclusive use. They have already gained acceptance from a large percentage of your friends and neighbors. They are already under the command of people who would gladly sacrifice your life and property to protect their own interests and have no ethical qualms about ... well, anything that normal people would know is evil.

If, in spite of all this, you still want to worship and fawn over the US military, that is your choice. But stop lying and claiming it is anything other than a statist position.


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