Monday, February 28, 2011

"The Fred Incident"

Years ago I told a little of this story, but I think I'd like to set it all down now. I call the whole thing "The Fred Incident". The names may have been changed- or not, but you'll never know.

A few years ago I had a friend who would talk with me about his displeasure with the governmental status quo just about anytime we got to talk. I had known him for a couple of years and I trusted him and thought he sounded pretty reasonable.

He had told me he had been diagnosed as "paranoid/schizophrenic", but that he really wasn't. My only early warning was when he mentioned that he had an "alien implant" (and this was only a couple of weeks before "the incident"). I thought he was joking, and didn't think more of it. We had many long phone conversations about just about anything. He never seemed dangerous or anything.

Until "the incident".

He had loaned me, without prompting, some money to use to help a family that we both knew, and that I was staying with. I used it to buy food for the household. The next day at karaoke he asked what I had spent the money on and I told him. That was a little strange since he had loaned it to me specifically to buy food.

He seemed a little agitated. I still had the receipt and I offered it to him. We sat and talked and he started claiming I had tricked him into loaning me the money. I was a little shocked as it had been his idea. If there had been any way possible to do so, I would have paid him back immediately in order to avoid any problem, but I couldn't.

He began talking again about his "implant". He said the military had put it there decades ago. Unfortunately, I didn't take him seriously and made some joke about putting magnets inside his hat to scramble the signal. This got a red-faced spittle-laced lecture about electrical engineering. Then it began to get more personal.

The real fireworks began. He started saying that I was controlling his mind through his "implant" and that I was a "Martian". I told him that I was pretty certain I was human. He said "Why would you say that? Are you not positive?" I said I was, and he said "That is just what a Martian would say". He was getting extremely angry, too. He began pounding his fist on the table and his face was very red. I was trying to just get him calmed down at this point, but everything I did he saw as me trying to use my "Martian thought-control powers" to manipulate him.

He said I was able to force people to do things they didn't want to by getting inside their heads. He claimed I was inside his mind, reading his thoughts and putting my own in there, too. This is how I had tricked him into loaning me the money.

He became more and more upset. He spoke of the significance of his name and his initials. He went into a long discussion about his initials (M.A.T.), claiming that they were significant and meant he was to be an emissary between the Martians and Terrans. He laid out his "logic" in fine detail. Then he went on about other people's names and initials, especially focusing on John Denver.

He spoke of his own power and importance, but said he couldn't "claim to be God" (I suppose that should have been a relief).

He was talking about being in "Army Intelligence" back in the early '70s, and that he was still "in", but it was a secret. The more he spoke, the more unreal his claims became. He told of trying to drive to the Pentagon once in the middle of the night to carry out some mission, and stopping on a bridge instead of going through with it. I can't remember the specifics of this particular tale, but only that it seemed very improbable and yet I could tell he really believed it.

He claimed to be killing people "in high government positions" with mental feedback through his implant. He said he could "see" people being carried out of the Pentagon in body bags- people who had short-circuited their brains by trying to mentally influence him. His brain was stronger and was able to resist the bad things they were trying to get him to do, so he said.

He then asked me to knock him unconscious so I could kidnap him and a girl he wanted (he wanted me to knock her out, too), and take them somewhere they couldn't be tracked. He said that the only way his implant would not be able to lead his enemies to him is if he was unconscious and unable to know where he was being taken.

He did eventually calm down and I got out without harm. It was about 2 AM at this time. The next morning, very early, I called and warned the girl he wanted me to help kidnap. She freaked out a little because he had just called her up and was going to come over in about an hour. She didn't wait to hear the whole story, but hung up to call him with some excuse, then called me back to find out what had happened.

After this, I obviously wasn't close to him anymore. He was still in my circle, but I did warn a few people to watch out. Some of them never did believe that he had acted that way. One mutual friend had even been in the vicinity during his fit, but hadn't seen anything unusual. Yet, he did slip up to a couple of other people. He mentioned blowing my head off to mutual friends a few times when I sang a karaoke song he thought was written especially for him, but most never saw his bizarre behavior, and downplayed my concerns.

Added: I know now, due to encountering more people like him, that he likely suffered from the belief that is now known as being a "targeted individual".



  1. Wow! You are far more trusting than I am. The first mention of the "implant" would have been the end of any relationship with me. Sounds like he needed professional help, big time. I don't know how in the world that can happen in these cases, however, because any kind of forced "help" is worse than worthless and definitely a violation of non-aggression.

    I do hope the girl had the means to defend herself...

  2. Well, my only defense is that we'd had many, very in-depth conversations before he mentioned the implant, so I really did think he was joking.

    He had been getting professional help, but decided he didn't need it, and had stopped taking the medicine.

    The girl did have ways to defend herself, but I did offer more help, and more tools, if she thought it was necessary.

    About 3 or 4 years ago he disappeared and after a couple of phone calls (to the girl) in the first couple of months, no one has heard from him since. He took off for about a year once before and then came back, but he never stopped calling her that time. This time...?

  3. Wow. This is both creepy AND funny. Just today, I was at the store and some guy with Dish Network (or whatever it's called) asked me who I had as a cable provider. I said, "Me." He thought it was a question and said, "Yeah, you." Just because I didn't want to hear his sales pitch, I started in with a bunch of nonsense about how *I* am the cable service provider, and that it's a trans-human thing. He asked how much that costs and I said you can't pay for it, you have to volunteer. Then I carried on as I was walking away about the USB port I had installed at the base of my skull and how hard it was to find the right driver for the USB wireless adapter I use in it.
    My son got a kick out of it, but maybe I should be more careful about how I joke in public.

  4. This man is a Vietnam War Veteran. He may have been on some special forces team and seen some crazy stuff that we don't know about back then. He obviously still suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. You have to understand that he was still mentally ill from the war. Some people don't get over the PTSD of the trauma they went through or saw. I feel he was one of the them. It was even worse because they were rejected as soldiers when they got home and they didn't receive the proper care as they should have. A lot committed suicide because they couldn't handle the effects of war and the Agent Orange that was also used. I am sorry that he lashed out at you but feel you shouldn't take it personally. I had long talks with the same man about the same things. I did not find it out of the ordinary from such a person. And for a war vet experiencing PTSD to think they are still on missions and carrying them out is part of their illness. I always just sat and listened to him. Let him get it out. I was never afraid of him. I even asked him once if a foil hat was necessary for communication. Response, only if it's REALLY far out to the responder. I said awesome I have to make me one! So now the government is talking about installing microchips in everybody so people can pay at stores with it, so they can track you with it, know your location in an emergency, etc. So was he really an experiment in the early 70's for the government? Good question. We may never know.

    1. You would have had to have been there. I wouldn't have really believed it if I hadn't been there, and were I just being told about it. He was dangerous, and I think would have been completely capable of killing any one of us who happened to get in his way at that moment- or even later. His kidnapping scheme (which I didn't really describe fully) was rather violent- and aimed at someone he had decided he should be with, regardless of her feelings. I had never been frightened of him until that night. He wasn't the same person I had known. I felt bad for him, but I couldn't trust him after that and was always a little worried when he was with any of my friends.