Friday, February 25, 2011


Sometimes I wonder if I would be taken more seriously if I looked more "conventional". Very often the only comments those who disagree with me can come up with are based upon my appearance- "You look so unkept..." - "Get a haircut Kent..." etc.

So, I should get a nice jackboot mohawk / idiot rug like so many LEOs do nowdays so people would "respect" me?

No thanks. If that's what it takes to be taken seriously, I'll pass.

My thought is that maybe if some of those people would grow some hair it might protect their brain from radiation damage- or whatever is causing their inability to think.

(This isn't directed at anyone who has short hair and doesn't demand that the entire world adopt their own personal style. It's only directed at the idiots who think there is something noble or superior in having short hair.)


  1. Get a haircut, you damn hippie.

    I actually have short hair because I'm lazy. Short hair means less effort in the grooming department (I don't do anything but dry it after a shower). I used to have (very) long hair. Pain in the ass to take care of.

  2. True, but I just like longer hair and always have. Even when I was a kid and my parents forced me to keep it short. The last real haircut I ever got was a couple of days before my first marriage. And that was 26 years ago.