Thursday, February 17, 2011

Seat belts

One of the Meddling-Nanny excuses used to justify controlling every breath we take is the seat belt. It is claimed that people must be forced to wear a seat belt, if not "for their own good", at least so they don't get injured in a wreck and become a burden on society.


No one can be "a burden on society" without socialism. To use the flaws of socialism to justify tyranny is disgusting. Yet, it happens a lot since, as it has been noticed, government is a disease masquerading as its own cure.

I prefer to wear a seat belt. I have heard all the pros and cons and I made my own decision. I'm sure you have done the same.

Some people are afraid of being trapped in a burning wreck by their seat belt, so they don't want to wear one. That is their business and not mine. I always carry a few knives in various places so if I am conscious I won't be trapped by a seat belt in case of an accident. And if I'm not conscious, then the seat belt probably won't be the biggest danger anyway.

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