Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Bradley Manning Conundrum

I'm torn on the whole Bradley Manning thing.

One one hand it is ridiculous to claim that exposing State wrong-doings is a crime. It is obvious (to rational people) that the punishment being imposed on him is way out of proportion to what he is accused of doing.

One the other hand he DID join the military. Didn't he know that the military is nothing but an organization, funded with stolen money, manned by mind-numbed slaves, set up for the purpose of building and maintaining a liberty-destroying empire, and for killing and destroying the enemies of evil authorities?

As they say, dance with the Devil and you're gonna get burned.

Maybe he didn't know any better when he joined the military. Maybe he knows better now and wouldn't make the same mistake again. He's not in a position to tell us if he now knows that the US government is a terrorist organization (with America as its main target) and he was helping it spread its particular brand of terror across the globe by being one of its drones. If he could, would he apologize now for helping the bad guys before he exposed them? Was his "leak" his apology? I'm afraid we will never know.

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