Saturday, March 12, 2011

Choices in an elevator: Oprah or Sheen?

So, if you were forced to make a choice, who would you rather be trapped in an elevator with for several hours: Oprah or Charlie Sheen?

Not pretending this is an earth-shattering subject or anything, but...

I'd choose Charlie Sheen. I'm assuming I'd be armed and that I'd be able to subdue him if he went crazy and got violent. I also bet it would be interesting to talk to him during a situation like that.

Oprah, on the other hand... I don't think I could forgive her for subjecting us to Oprabama. Not that the other choice was any better, but to really promote one of those morons for prez? And to brainwash your devoted minions into voting for him... Plus, I think I'd be really tempted to violate the ZAP if she started getting all "empathic" on me. It's best not to tempt fate.


  1. A true dilemma.A Sophie's choice.

  2. I'd have to say if you got trapped in the elevator w/ Oprah you'd better do all the talking. Don't stop, just keep talking until she can't take it anymore. That might be a bit of justice, maybe. Perhaps you could pick up your tempo to be like someone who has just had 12 cups of coffe and three espressos just to add some flavor. If you got trapped with Sheen, well, that would be an interesting blog topic whatever happens. Don't know if you could talk to Sheen but maybe. This post was nice, gave me break from gloom and doom for about 4 minutes. Thanks...

  3. Anonymous- I can talk for hours, but I'm not usually a fast talker. Maybe if I get really excited... But maybe my droning voice (which sounds like Bullwinkle) would make her slip into a coma.

    And, I'm always glad to give anyone a smile. Just think of it this way: most of the world today didn't suffer any extraordinary disasters. Babies were born and people fell in love and some people got incredibly good news they had been hoping for. "Some people" doesn't include me, but I survived another day to annoy some statist tomorrow. That's enough.

  4. I wouldn't care to be in an elevator with either Oprah or Sheen. She has risen to so much power she thinks she can invent her own religion by impressing upon the younger ones that the Cross never existed. Sheen is just an overpaid, immature brat such as the world has seen before. We have more honorable people fighting for and dying for the US who never get a mention in the liberal papers. The American people, who care, should be shunning all liberal newspapers and demanding that our soldiers come first over a too powerful broad and a too immature brat.

  5. The liberal media or the conservative media- it's all the same: an authoritarian lie factory.

    I don't care to read about people fighting to sustain the US Empire and thereby endangering the very lives of the people in America (including my neighbors, friends, family, and self) by aggressively creating new generations of people in those occupied lands who hate the US government enough to kill Americans (whom they mistakenly believe are on board with the foreign adventurism). It is not noble to fight and die for an evil cause.

    Support the troops- bring them home today.