Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Commenting repetition

I often find myself reluctant to comment on some blogs because I don't feel like having to endlessly defend my views from the same old misguided anti-liberty objections. Once I comment I feel obligated to follow through even knowing where it will go before I start. It's like a broken record that always shows up no matter which record I think I am playing.

I was thinking about this when I read a since-deleted post on Dilbert Blog on "Men's rights". (It gained "too much attention", he said.)

I had some thoughts on his post, yet I know if I comment the debate will go the same direction it always goes when I comment (if I am not ignored). No matter what I address, or how unrelated the subject is, the objections always take the same path, and even though I feel quite capable of dealing with any of the "liberty-phobics'" objections effectively, I get tired of having to say the same thing that I have said hundreds of times, and that others are saying, and have said for hundreds of years. Yes, I often copy and paste from things I have written before, but that has become so tiresome.

Sure, I could just post and run. There is no real obligation to follow through- that is just me imposing rules on myself. It just seems it would be better to say nothing than to not carry on to the bitter (or occasionally sweet) end.

So, I'll just state my opinion on the "Men's Rights" post here.

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  1. But who will build the roads? And after all, if you like anarchy, you can go to Somalia.

    Yeah. I hear ya.