Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Gangs are for pussies

As I do things around town I see a lot of pinheaded, gang-wanna-be graffiti. It makes me shake my head in pity at the poor idiots who wrote it.

If you want to intimidate the rest of us, become literate or find someone who IS to write your stupid garbage. I mean, seriously, I don't care how scary or "bad" you think your pathetic, idiotic gang is, when you can't spell the simplest words, or when you write letters so illegibly that no one knows what your chest-thumping threat might have been intended to be, you just come off as a moron.

Oh, and your sad artwork of your "magnificent" (snork) body parts doesn't work either. Everyone has body parts. Plus, if I was that deformed I don't think I'd wanna illustrate the problem so everyone could laugh.

Yeah, I know, you are too scared of the rest of us to try to be an individual. You feel safety in numbers. But find "numbers" who aren't as pathetic as you to hang around with. You'd be amazed how much your life would improve, and your fear would go away. People wouldn't have a reason to kill you on sight. Stop being a pussy*.

(* "Pussy" as in a soft, weak, scared, cowardly individual, not as in "feline" or any other meaning.)


  1. Such a relief to find that someone else thinks this way.

    The correct response to a gang is laugh at their pathetically transparent posturing and get on with life.

    Then, if they actually get violent, massacre them. You wanna live by the sword you can die the sword. We don't have any obligation to be merciful.

  2. Even more pathetic than the gang members, if you can imagine such, are those losers who pretend to be gang members. I mean, really?

  3. They're realizing my faith in humanity is too great.

    It's a service they provide.