Monday, March 21, 2011

Government advertising its own idiocy

Local government pinheads have come up with a new idea: prohibiting "wireless communication devices" in the school zone.

I guess this means books are "illegal" in school now. Along with voices and minds. And even the silly sign which announces the prohibition. Anything that communicates without using a wired connection to that with which it is communicating. Right?

Of course I realize the governmentally-damaged morons intend it to mean cell phones and that sort of thing. Just like the ones I see the local cops talking and texting on (daily!), and even worse- with his nose in his cop computer, while driving through this school zone. (I really need to make a video of these cops doing so, and post it one of these days.)

I happen to live in this particular school zone. Does this mean any "wireless communication device" in my house is also now "illegal"? Good luck enforcing that against me.


  1. A road itself is also a line of communication.

  2. Yep. Government types aren't burdened with an excess of brainpower.

  3. And don't forget to turn off the radio, dvd, cassette player and backseat video entertainment system in your vehicle since they're all running off of your car battery. Unless, of course, you have a really really long extension cord trailing out behind your car that's plugged in somewhere, making everything wired rather than wireless.

  4. Uhmm Gary, There are WIRES between that car battery and the examples you gave.......