Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pissed beyond words... STILL steaming

I just got this email from Bernard von NotHaus:

Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters,

I sincerely regret to inform you that I was found guilty on all four counts regarding the Liberty Dollar in less than an hour on Friday, March 18. The only explanation is that a strong, anti-liberty person took control of a weak-willed jury and pushed the verdict through in record time in spite of well worded Jury Instructions. A government forfeiture hearing immediately followed the conviction. PLEASE NOTE: Your property is at risk so please continue to read these emails and take action so the government does not steal your property. An appeal is planned but that will take years. More news to follow. An unofficial, but most interesting account of the trial is available via Heather's blog at:
God help you and our country as American descends into a hellish hyperinflationary future without the benefits of the Liberty Dollar.
I am very sorry our efforts to return America to value failed.

Thank you so much for your support.

Bernard von NotHaus
Monetary Architect

Bernard, YOU are not the one to be sorry. There is no guilt on your part and you should feel no shame.

Like I said before, this injustice is just plain wrong. A man who didn't just do nothing wrong; he did the right thing, and is being punished by those who are actively doing the wrong thing every day with every breath they take. That prosecutor, judge, and every scumbag on that jury are not worthy to lick the toilet clean after Bernard uses it.

I'd still like to see them forced to do so, however.


  1. Von Nothaus was a shyster. He called his coins and currency "inflation-proof," then proceeded to jack its face value to keep up with . . . price inflation!

    He refused to honor any existing certificates, saying "the government took your silver, and all the records of the certificates" all the while selling more.

    Don't get me wrong. I don't agree with his conviction. I don't agree with the asinine statements made against him, but the guy is a shyster.

  2. My mileage varied.

    His Liberty Dollars were inflation proof. The face value went up as the US dollar dwindled. A Liberty Dollar with $10 on its face is now worth a lot more than $10. If the face (and silver) value had not gone up as the US dollar evaporated, then the Liberty Dollar would have been a victim of inflation. That is not what happened.

    Try a thought experiment with a circulating US coin or FRN compared to a Liberty Dollar. Had I held on to a particular ten dollar bill back in 2000, rather than spending it on a Liberty Dollar, that $10 bill would buy less now than it would have back in 2000, and certainly wouldn't be worth anywhere near the $35+ that just the silver content alone of the Liberty Dollar I spent it on is now worth.

    I never tried to cash in any certificates, but I understand his inability to do so once the silver backing them had been stolen. I did cash some in even after the raid though- I sold them on eBay and got more that way than if I had cashed them in with American Liberty Dollar. I figure that was a win for me.

    He never cheated or misled me in any way, so I can't agree with the label "shyster". But that is just my opinion.

  3. He wouldn't honor his notes. He alleged that he could not honor them (at first) because all the records were taken, and he said he couldn't match up the serial numbers. As though someone took the time to counterfeit his stuff.

    If the silver gets confiscated, a respectable businessman first covers the existing notes, he doesn't sell more coinage.

    If his currency was denominated in dollars, and if he jacks a $20 silver piece to $50, his currency has just suffered from inflation. Just as though he were printing FRN's and tacked another zero onto a ten dollar bill. Would he remint your $20 piece into a $50 piece? Would he honor the $10 1/2 ounce notes and take a loss when silver is at $35 an ounce? Not from what I've seen.

  4. Like I said, I never felt cheated in any way when dealing with him. I never lost a cent.

    He clearly explained his financial situation when selling more coinage after the raid. If someone didn't wish to deal with him, that was their business. But if you lost money from Liberty Dollars, I can't understand how. I didn't lose anything. Of course, I never got anything I intended to return, in any way, to Liberty Dollar. The "paper money" I got, I intended to keep or use for trade. The same with the coins, whatever face value they had. After the raid, I sold some of my paper certificates on eBay and kept the rest as collectibles. No loss. (In fact, I profited.)

    I understand the new face values on the coins (yes, COINS! Government doesn't own that word anymore than it owns the word "dollar"). Silver kept its value while US dollars fizzled which made the silver coins worth more US dollars. The US dollars were the inflation sufferers; not the Liberty Dollars. That's like saying gasoline "suffers from inflation", instead of recognizing that it is the ever-diminishing value of the FRNs that cause the problem.

    If he didn't put new face value on the coins, the bad money would drive out the good money. It's just a law of economics. He was trying to offer a new currency rather than a hoarding piece (not that there's anything wrong with hoarding).

    And he did re-mint coins, for a fee. Which is reasonable since re-minting costs the mint. Until the raid, the certificates were always redeemable for the weight of silver; not the face value. But, since I wanted to hold onto the now-collectible certificates with the old base price, I never wanted to trade them in.

    If you have Liberty Dollars (coins or certificates) that you don't want, let me know. I'll try to find the US dollars to trade with you so that you don't feel cheated anymore. Seriously.

  5. Hey Kent,

    PM incoming.

    Stay Safe,


  6. I'd trade a few FRNs for LD certificates, too, if Vagabond has extras to unload.

  7. James Anderson MerrittSun Mar 27, 11:03:00 AM 2011

    I have been reading a lot of impotent whining and gnashing of teeth about the BvNH verdict at various online sites. What can we DO to 1) overturn the verdict and 2) get our silver back from the government if we have LD warehouse receipts (and eLDs)? My understanding is that the government is moving full-steam-ahead on the asset forfeiture maneuver, when it ought to be helping LD note owners reclaim their own silver.

    I have LD certificates that I'd like to "unload," but only for the silver LDs by which they were backed. The government has stolen them from me and I want to reclaim them.

  8. I don't have any idea of how to overturn the verdict. It's a rigged system. You have to beg the "winners" in this case to agree to become the losers. Do you really think that can happen?

    The same problem exists with the silver. Do you think the thieves will give it back to the rightful owners if the right incantations are chanted?

    If you have ideas, I (and others) would love to hear them. I suggest that if you are on Facebook you join the group "Appeal for Bernard von NotHaus" and share your ideas.