Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Campaign truth

The town is cluttered with campaign signs for the upcoming mayoral race.


So, I just placed this sign in my yard to add a little reason to the debate.

PS: I just wish that, for once, my every action was not met by the person who claims to be my partner with eye-rolling, sighs, disgust, and derision. And frequently anger. It gets old.


  1. Great sign Kent!!!!
    Would you mind if I copied it?

  2. Now I want to start the 'no one' party.

    "Elect us, and we promise to, as far as possible, make government act if there was no one there! Let's hear it for four years of doing nothing!"

  3. Four years of nothing would be a very welcome relief!! Too bad the thugs wont ever tolerate NOT telling us what to do, etc.....