Monday, May 23, 2011

Cops- De-legitimizing themselves by being the criminals

If cops have any authority at all, it is only the authority to take action to protect people's rights. This is the exact same authority you and I have; no more. (That they demand to be paid, with stolen money, for what you and I do freely, shows something fundamental about our differences.) They do not have even a smidgen of authority to violate anyone's rights in any way. And when they do this anyway, whether they stupidly believe this to be a part of their "job" or not, they become the real criminals.

The reason most people now hate cops, if they are paying attention and aren't just a pathetic copsucker, is that cops rarely do anything to protect rights, but most of their actions are a direct violation of the basic human right to live unmolested as long as you are harming no other person (or their property).

Just try to think back to the last time you saw a cop doing something "officially" that actually protected someone's rights rather than being an act of theft or molestation. You must include those acts of theft and molestation that you personally support if you are honest. But copsuckers are not honest.

I will continue to hate cops until this situation corrects itself in some way. And I won't feel guilty in any way for this, because I know I am on the right side on this issue. It doesn't matter if cops attack me personally, or not. That they are stealing, brutalizing, and murdering innocent people other than me is reason enough. I find it very revealing that authority-worshipers can't imagine that someone who loves liberty would hate the enemies of liberty without having been arrested. It shows how self-centered, petty, and downright narcissistic statists can be. The world revolves around their delusion.

There are NO "good cops" anymore; if there were they would be doing anything and everything to stop the parasites behind the badge soiling what little legitimacy they believe they still have. I see no evidence of that. None.



  1. Yep. I'm going to have more to say about cops soon. I'm fed up with them and those who support them.

  2. I grew up in a very small town in Northeast Alabama. I was just a young-un, but I remember when my Dad and other men of the town created a volunteer fire department. They later created a volunteer police department. They were serious about, and dedicated to, the phrase: "to serve and protect". After all, it was their own families and friends they were serving and protecting. Those experiences provided me with my first real definition of "cops": They were our fathers and grand-fathers who, seeing a community need, provided for that need -- asking for nothing in return. Needless to say, my definition of "cops" is something quite different today :-(

  3. The presumptuous snake and the women that uphold and love that lie is the reason that victims have their King and interpretation that they use against so many. The smallest of points overlooked reveals why such as preachers and cops are HIDING behind a veil of interpretation that they use against everyone. But it is them and their hidden fears that really draw to them what they experience but they want to blame someone else. When You presumptuously believe that someone should die because the law and cops and kings say so but You did not get that from the Spirit... This makes ALL of those that love the law MURDERERS and guilty of the blood of billions slain by the interpretation they worship as if it were God.