Thursday, June 23, 2011

Taking without consent stealing

Taking without consent stealing (Originally published 5-20-2011- As written; not as published.)

Once again I got through another week without feeling the need to attack anyone with physical force. And I survived anyway. Nor did I find it necessary to steal from anyone in order to survive another week. No, really!

Is that surprising? It shouldn't be.

Sure, some people were attacked and stolen from, supposedly on my behalf, but, as always, it was without my consent and it was completely unnecessary. I even witnessed some of these acts from afar as I went about my business.

Also, while no one attacked me or stole from me directly, there are always concealed violations that are said to be socially acceptable to the majority. These are done for "the good of society", by those who have been voted into positions, or by those hired by them, which permit them to get away with acts that would be illegal if you or I decided to go freelance and do them without official permission. These acts are wrong regardless.

Taking a person's private property, including his money, when he would rather keep it for his own purposes, is theft no matter what you call it. Whether it is done in a dark alley, beside the highway, or in a brightly lit office makes no difference to the foundational facts of the act.

The same goes for violating any of his other property rights. As long as a person is not stealing, attacking, or damaging other people's private property, no one has a right to interfere with him. Not by force or by law. Not even because you believe society as a collective would be better off if he were prevented from doing what he is doing, or to prevent him from harming himself. If you don't own yourself and your own life, to do with as you please as long as you harm no other individual, you own nothing.

Sure, I probably expressed some opinions in the past week that offended other people; just as other people expressed some opinions that I found horrific. However, I don't have a right to not be offended, and as long as their opinions don't "break my leg or pick my pocket", to paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, then I am unscathed. As are those who interacted with me.

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