Saturday, May 28, 2011

Your digital personality

I have to wonder...

If you could take a survey of everything a person has ever written and posted online (or elsewhere) and analyze it, would it give you a real idea of that person's personality? Accurate enough that you would recognize that person face-to-face if you met him?

And, if not, would that mean the person is a hypocrite who says he/she believes one thing but acts differently?

I truly think you would recognize me.



  1. I don't know why anyone should be expected to recognize one's physical body based purely on electronic information absent photographs. This plump, 5 ft. grandmother has met many people in the last few years after talking to them at length in email. Often they are a bit shocked to find a little old lady when their mental image is obviously quite different. A very few have been courageous enough to say something like: "...but I never dreamed you were so short!" LOL

  2. Well, I meant recognize the personality after talking to the person a while.

    I never pictured you as short, either. You are a giant in my eyes.