Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Judge Kent's municipal court is now in session

Just kidding. But.... I was just fantasizing about how much fun it would be to be a judge here in this town.

Zombie judge is bound to die of advanced old age soon and will need a replacement. Considering the glowing report about him in the local paper, talking about, among other things, how he was there when John F. Kennedy became a "good politician", I doubt anyone would be successful in voting his decrepit rear out of office.

In these modern times a judge is supposed to know "the law", but that's ridiculous. No one can know all the "laws". A real judge should be able to look at a situation and determine who was harmed, and how much restitution is owed. Sometimes with the help of a jury.

I could do that. The city government wouldn't like me though.

First of all, I wouldn't accept a paycheck from the city since it would be stolen money. The other government parasites might not like me making them look bad by comparison. I don't anticipate the job taking up much of my time, anyway, so I could do that for free.

Second of all, no "fines" would be placed against anyone in my courtroom. Only the injured party- an individual who was harmed- would get any restitution. Running a stop sign or "speeding" that harms no one has no victim to recompense. I might scold a person brought before me for such things, depending on the circumstances, but his actions didn't hurt the town so the town is due no money. And, as should be obvious, accidents are NOT "crimes". I would arbitrate in case of an accident as a part of my job, but wouldn't demand a monopoly.

I would also scold any law enforcement officer who brought such trivial victimless "crimes" before me and warn him to not do so again. Right in front of his victim. Just before I ordered him to pay restitution, for wasted time and wages, to the person he brought before me. He should also probably pay me restitution as well, but it wouldn't be right for me to impose it to my personal benefit. Oh well.

So, no, I don't see myself becoming a judge anytime soon. I'd be a good one, though. I'm sure there will be a popular write-in campaign to make me the Farwell, Texas municipal judge as soon as the zombie is gone. Right?



  1. How would you enforce 'restitution'?

  2. I wouldn't. No aggression means no enforcement.

    As part of the job, I would publicize the names, addresses, employment/business, and pictures of those who refuse to pay restitution so that everyone in town would know who to avoid doing business with. I would encourage their victims to help publicize, too. There would be no penalty for continuing to do business with those who refuse to pay the debts they incur through aggression or theft/fraud or property damage, but would people really want to take the chance?

  3. The vast majority of "accidents" are actually negligence. When a car causes damage due to a lightning strike, or some other preventable event, it is an accident. Driver inattention, loss of control due to speeds exceeding what the conditions allow, and a host of other "accidents" are willful disregard for the consequences of actions.

  4. Right. And a negligent driver would owe restitution to whoever he harmed.